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Horse Neoprene Sport Medicine Boots Royal Blue Small

Horse Neoprene Sport Medicine Boots Royal Blue Small

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Brand new set of two neoprene sport medicine boots. Made with durable breathable AirTech neoprene with close celled nylon lining, won't crack or crumble. Designed for front and hind use, the shock absorbing lining of these boots provide better support to tendon, fetlocks. Adjustable Velcro closures keep boot comfortably secure. Very good quality.


Sold in pairs, a horse will require one size larger on the hind legs than the front, unless there is no pronounced size difference in the fetlocks.


Size: Small (10.5" fetlock circumference, 10.25" boot height, 13.3-14.1 hands) Size reference is for front, you may need to go up a size for hind.


Color: Royal blue

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